Jackie Krentzman

In my 25 years as an editor, writer, and project manager, I’ve learned that success in the communications business boils down to one concept: making my clients happy.

Seems obvious, right? Well, not necessarily. Early in my career, like many young communications professionals (especially those of us who graduated from journalism schools), I was focused on delivering snappy, stellar copy—copy that someday could make it into the pages of The New Yorker. But copy that would make the New York literati swoon wasn’t what my clients needed. They needed content that told their story to their audience.

Shortly into my 10-year stint as the editorial director of a custom publishing company, I saw the light. I wouldn’t say my journalist pride slid away—it was redirected. I soon delighted in carefully crafting copy and directing graphic designers in helping our clients deliver their message and fulfill their mission. 

Since I launched Krentzman Communications in 2007, I’ve been fortunate to work with dozens of wonderful clients in many different content areas, from health and wellness to affordable housing development and business leadership. I take great joy in meeting the challenge of strategizing with my clients and creating engaging content for communication vehicles that lead to their desired outcomes. 

As for The New Yorker?  Let’s just say I’m still holding out hope.